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la medianoche

Anyone who has sailed a catamaran would agree with us that it is a pure luxury. The ship's broadness allows for spacious cabins and toilettes. The saloon and cockpit, located high above the sea, are large and comfortable with panoramic windows exposing the infinite horizon or an oncoming port.

Sailing a catamaran offers many advantages. The boat sails straight in all wind and weather conditions and the cockpit protects against wind and waves. Therefore, oilskins (wet weather protection) are rarely needed. 

But that isn't enough. With a draft/gauge of only 1.10m, “La Medianoche“ can reach moorings that are inaccessible by most modern yachts. Also, the ship's 15m length and 8m width makes for comfortable sailing trips. Not including to the crew's quarters, there is space for 6 passengers in 3 double cabins.

La Medianoche Salon

Herzlich Willkommen an Bord unserer „LaMedianoche“. Wir möchten Sie neugierig machen auf das Schiff, die Segelreviere und Touren, die wir in den kommenden Jahren – vielleicht mit Ihnen als unsere Gäste – bereisen werden. Erleben sie ihren Segelurlaub auf einem komfortablen Katamaran. Wir bieten Ihnen ein besonderes Schiff für die besonderen Wochen im Jahr.

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